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Hong Binh Residence

Vung Tau City are blessed with a lot of potentials such as: Oil and Gas, Tourism, sea Ports and ...

Hong Binh Residence Hong Binh Residence

An open space bedroom

   An open space bedroom, giving you an airy feeling, where you have...

An open space bedroom An open space bedroom

Cozy dining room

An open space between the dining room and the kitchen. Kitchen fully equips with...

Cozy dining room Cozy dining room

Small nice kitchen

  Kitchen fully equips with a microwave and kitchenwares, which is always available to serve...

Small nice kitchen Small nice kitchen

The main building

Hong Binh Residence 1

Hong Binh Residence 1, located at 45 Phan Chu Trinh, Ward 2, Vung Tau city. Went into operation in 2007, consists of 36 rooms with architectural, interior and modern luxury.

Hong Binh Residence 2

Hong Binh Residence 2, located at 51D, Phan Chu Trinh, Ward 2, Vung Tau coal. Commencement of construction and put into operation in 2011, with 34 rooms is designed in the style of modern furniture, luxurious comfort.

Hong Binh Residence 3

Hong Binh Residence 3, located at 31 Phan Chu Trinh, Ward 2, Vung Tau coal. Includes 33 types of rooms are designed with modern architecture. Fully equipped, furnished and luxurious. Was built and put into operation in 2013.


Hong Binh Residence

The apartments

Small Apartment

Small Apartment

Area: 32 m2 Includes:  bedroom,  kitchen,  bathroom....
Medium Apartment

Medium Apartment

Area: 36 m2 - 42 m2 Includes:  bedroom,  kitchen, ...
Big Apartment

Big Apartment

Area: 50 m2 - 52 m2 -56 m2   Includes:  large...
Special Apartment

Special Apartment

Area: 66 m2 Includes: 2 bedrooms,  kitchen,  bathroom....
VIP II Apartment

VIP II Apartment

Area: 62 m2 Includes:  living room,  bedroom,  kitchen, ...
VIP I Apartment

VIP I Apartment

Area: 72 m2 Includes:  living room,  bedroom,  kitchen, ...


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